Like you, becoming a lawyer was my dream and my opportunity to make a difference for my clients. But, the stress and demands were more than I could have anticipated.

Growing up, I always wanted to be a lawyer. When I was in college, life challenged that dream through the actions of an arsonist, who set fire to my family's home one Memorial Day weekend. By God's grace and the barking of our dog, Kiki, who slept in my room, I woke up. In the connecting hallway, where the fires were started, I passed out while attempting to reach my sister, who was trapped in her room, screaming for help. Although she and my parents escaped without lasting injury, I was resuscitated on our front lawn and then taken to the hospital, where I was given less than a 1% chance of survival. Suddenly, my dreams were put on pause while I focused on survival and recovery from life sculpting injuries. Through it all, God afforded me the opportunity to discover His grace in ways I could have never imagined. Despite the challenges and setbacks. I was blessed enough to return to college, go onto law school and pass the Bar.

Meet Dr. Patti

I've always loved being a lawyer, but, with a compromised immune system, the chronic stress continued to take its toll, leaving me vulnerable to every cold, virus and infection that came my way.

Everything culminated one morning when I was driving back from probate court and was rear-ended. Although the soft tissue injuries healed within weeks, the damage to my immune system, resulted in a downward spiral that lasted for more than a year. Looking for answers, my quest led me to more natural alternatives than the steroids that had failed to help me. After earning numerous Certifications as part of my ongoing learning., I decided to get my Doctor of Naturopathy.

Because of my love for animals and my estate planning practice focused on advanced panning for companion animals, I also completed a Doctor of Animal Naturopathy. Ultimately, this was a way to honor Kiki, and to "paw it forward." Due to my focus on mind-body medicine, I have completed extensive post graduate training, and earned numerous certifications in neuroplasticity and cognitive behavior therapy.

I have also received additional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mind-Body coaching, as a Holistic Health Practitioner and as a Natural Cancer Protocol Practitioner

I've been blessed enough to help people and pets throughout the country as a tele-health doctor, but my passion remains with the legal profession. My purpose is to partner with you, to strengthen and support you to "dis-ease proof " your practice, and prevent the downstream effects of stress and negative emotions, that can manifest as chronic health conditions, even those that intentional medicine offers no hope for.

If you're like me, you're tired of the the conversations and cle courses that address the mental health crisis within the legal profession, but offer no real solutions to address the root causes. You've sacrificed much to get here, and you want the practice and success you dreamed of, not the chronic stress and threats to your present health or future success. You want to live your life as a Wellthy Lawyer!

If you're ready to reclaim your calm, become part of an exclusive number of lawyers that I work with, to transform your life, and achieve the wellth and success you desire and deserve, I can't wait to speak with you!